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I am very grateful for this cleanse. Now, I am more selective about what I eat, and I am more intent on eating for the purpose of nourishing my body. I'm eating slowly and enjoying my food. I noticed that I feel full faster. The cleanse has brought more ease to my stomach, and that is something I have been looking for for the last few years. That alone, makes it worth it for me. I lost weight. I exercised once a week. I plan to stick with it and add more activity.

-R. Smith, Baltimore, MD

I've done the Master Cleanse a few times, which is pretty hardcore on your body with only drinking water and the lemonade/syrup/cayenne pepper mixture....along with the sea salt flush. This cleanse is a lot easier to maintain (as a liver and kidney flush/detox). When I started this cleanse, I was in the middle of already losing 20-25lbs. By making the switch to eat more organic/gluten free foods, I lost weight, but the most noticeable difference was my increase in cardio.

Four months ago, I began training in mixed martial arts (MMA), and every week, due to athletic conditioning, I would notice a small/slight increase in my cardio endurance. But there was a significant increase in endurance while I was on the 21 day cleanse. Each week it felt like I had gained (4) weeks of cardio endurance, instead of the slight 1-week increase I was used to experiencing. Because of this effect, I have decided to fully incorporate the majority of the food used in Jen's cleanse (especially Quiona) so I can continue to reap the benefits of more endurance, and feeling "cleaner."

The cleanse was a great experience - because of the way Jen has decided to run it. Having a support network with other people helps, and with Jen, she is constantly there to help and motivate you along the way. I'm the type of person that is skeptical about just doing or eating what other people tell me, but Jen provides the nutritional and scientific evidence to back up everything. You always feel "in-the-loop" and you know what to expect from your body during the cleanse. The daily emails from Jen with day-to-day manuals were very helpful for me to stay positive and motivated during the entire cleanse.

The 21-day cleanse was a fantastic experience and something that will change your outlook on food, how to eat, when to eat, and become more efficient with your overall nutrition. Change is good - and a healthy change is even better!

-Scott, Crofton, MD

I love this diet/cleanse!!!! I have more energy, and clearer thinking. I realized my joints were no longer hurting. In addition to all this, I lost weight and because most of this was in my stomach I now wear smaller sized clothing. I was never hungry and I had a lot of fun concocting new recipes that were quite tasty. Also the tingling in my fingers disappeared. I'm going to stay on a modified version of this diet. Thank you so much.

- Carol, Fenwick Island, DE

I wanted to write to thank you for introducing me to your cleanse program. The word diet has been in my vocabulary for years and something I have tried off and on with mixed success. I usually lose some weight quickly, but then it comes back because I return to my old habits. This time is different because you introduced me to a new way of thinking and eating. As a cleanse I guess it helped, and I lost weight. I am older and losing weight seems to be harder as we age. This program was not a sacrifice on my part. I had plenty to eat and always felt satisfied. Now that it is over I will still keep the new habits I learned. The other items I am adding back in, I now do with moderation. I was successful and am very grateful for your advice.

- John, Fenwick Island, DE

I’m a long-time coffeeholic and caffeine junkie. So when I was invited to participate in Jen’s Cleanse, the prospect of no caffeine and no diet coke for three weeks almost killed it for me. But, thankfully, I signed up. Here are the results: Pre-Cleanse, I drank 6-8 mugs of coffee per day plus 6-8 diet cokes per day.

Post-Cleanse, I’m down to one mug of coffee, three mugs of tea, and hardly any sodas per day. That’s about an 85% decrease in caffeine. Also, no more coffee-induced stomach acid!

Essentially, being on Jen’s Cleanse let me prove to myself that I didn’t need my 30-year caffeine habit. So I say to all you coffee drinkers, take the plunge into the Cleanse. You will be amazed at the results!

-Chuck, Ellicott City, MD

I lost weight. I’m eating more fruit and drinking more water. I’ve become very fond of gf crackers & pretzels, also hummus! I have a lot of new ideas for snacks. I loved the shopping list & recipes. Thanks for inviting me into the group. It was a positive experience!

-Kathy, Ellicott City, MD


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