Eating to Feel Good = Comfort Food

photoI recently read an article in the latest issue of Yoga Journal where the author was talking about comfort food, and redefining what that meant.  She stated that instead of eating our typical comfort foods (macaroni and cheese or other heavy pastas, mashed potatoes, or whatever), that comfort food should be redefined to mean food that makes you feel good…not just temporarily.

I really like this idea, because it is right in line with what I teach in The 21 Day Chinese Medicine Cleanse.  While you *can* indulge in the plan, you choose to do so, knowing you may not feel so great.  When we have that conscious choice to feel good for a few moments, or to feel good for days/weeks/years/lifetime, and we choose to feel good overall, it becomes a self-reinforcing habit.  Sure, we will all still want to have brownies and pizza every now and then (two of my foods I love that don’t make me feel so great)…but it’s the feeling of health that keeps us on the right path.  I know for me, it’s a flat belly and a lightness of being that I feel when I’m eating on the cleanse.  So I eat like that the vast majority of the time.  When I don’t, I pay the price.  Comfort food?  Not so comforting to feel your intestines twist around or to feel massive bloating!

So let’s come up with some new comfort foods.  I’d love it if you shared them here.  Let’s get rid of tons of dairy, wheat, sugar, and other items that load us down, and instead fill our plates with healthy whole foods!!  Post below to share your recipes!

-Jen 🙂

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