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What is The 21 Day Chinese Medicine Cleanse?

The 21 Day Chinese Medicine Cleanse is a program that incorporates ideal nutrition from Chinese Medicine and scientific studies, and puts these guidelines and recommendations into an easy to follow 21 day format.  It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and so it is my hope that this will be the beginning of a lifestyle change for you and not just a diet. 

What is involved?

I’m going to be upfront.  There are some changes that you’ll need to make during the three weeks. First of all, you will be giving up coffee and soda (yes, even diet soda). You will be limiting intake of dairy, wheat, sugar, and eggs. In place of these items for the majority of your meals, you will replace them with some great options like gluten free breads/snacks, particular veggies and fruit, and grains. You’ll still be able to eat your favorite foods if they are in those limited categories, so don’t worry. You’ll just eat them less often.  Life isn’t much worth living if you can’t ever have a brownie again (at least that’s my opinion!!). 
Beyond some food modifications, you will also be increasing your exercise, water intake, and you will receive daily tips to improve your environment, de-stress, and hopefully feel better!

This is not a crazy cleanse where you’ll be doing vegan (unless you want to) or raw or be recommended to do colonics or what have you.  This is a cleanse where you can have a dinner like sirloin steak, rice, and veggies.  You can have your cake and eat it too…just not every day!  I grew up with the standard lunch of a sandwich, Cheez-its, and a Little Debbie snack cake (and all these items were always plentiful in my parents’ house every time I came home).  I know that many eat this way every day.  My cleanse is developed for these people, not just those who are already health conscious. I will be here for you every step of the way, to help you as you make changes to better your health.

I, and my Advisory Board, am here to answer your questions and support you as you go through these three weeks.  I will be providing daily emails that will contain a topic of the day, a daily yoga pose, and a recipe.  We have a great members-only forum where you will be able to post questions or thoughts and receive answers from your fellow cleansers, me, and my board members.  It is my vision to create a community of support for you. It will be available to you during your cleanse, and then you can “graduate” into the alumni section, where you can join all the other graduates of the cleanse and expand your community even further. I encourage you to be open and share your experiences, because many are going through similar things.

Are there any side effects?
Yes.  Some of the side effects of this cleanse could include: weight loss, clarity of thought, loss of stomach issues, improved digestion, loss of acid reflux, having the best period/menstrual cycle of your life, improved cardio fitness, toning and sculpting (or appearance) of muscles, feeling light in your body, loss of joint pain, loss of inches all over your body, loss of numbness/tingling in extremities, improved blood pressure and cholesterol, and much more! 

If you are ready to make a change in your diet and lifestyle, and you want to start living in the very best body you can have, then join us on our next cleanse!!


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